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    Robots are everywhere: come build them with Siemens

    Robotics technology is evolving at a rapid pace. In the past, industrial robotics was the driving force of this growth, but this is shifting today towards new varieties of robotics.

    The new robotics capabilities (such as autonomy, flexible manipulators and grippers, environment awareness) allow flexible and ubiquitous usage in manufacturing, as well as collaboration with humans. These interactions between robots, humans and machines will require a totally different set of software tools for programming, validation and simulation.

    We believe that startups will play a key role in developing and scaling up these new paradigms. Our goal is to accelerate developments in collaborative robotics and get them to market so that our customers can benefit.

    We're looking for partners with new approaches in robotics simulation, motion planning, robot interoperability, deployment and optimization in the field of industrial robotics. If you are developing on ROS (Robot Operating System) we are very interested in exploring interface needs.

    Our software tools relevant for robotics developers include

    • D-Cubed components for geometric constraint solving, collision detection, motion simulation and visualization
    • NX: CAD, CAM and CAE suite
    • Process Simulate suite for manufacturing simulation
    • Kineo software components and standalone applications for automatic motion/path planning and collision detection
    • Solid Edge CAD suite
    • Geometric kernel Parasolid
    • ISO file format JTOpen tool kit
    • Geometric shape search tool Geolus

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