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Terms & Conditions

The idea you wish to view belongs to a community that requires acceptance of terms and conditions.


    Help to Improve This Idea.


    Stage 1


    Learn about our program, open themes, and available software. Remember to check the Terms & Conditions.

    Stage 2


    Step 1: Register on this site. Once you have registered, you will be able to view our Frontier partner agreement and access additional information to help you choose which software tools are relevant for you.

    Step 2: Choose the theme for your solution.

    Step 3: Fill out an application form. Tell us about a solution that you would like to develop and how our software will be used in your innovative idea.

    Stage 3


    If you are selected, you will be awarded with free developer licenses to the software tools you requested and will be able to access our technical support and other resources. These are available to you for one year starting from the date of acceptance; you will provide quarterly updates/demos to us during the year. 

    You are ready for your exciting development journey with Frontier!

    Stage 4


    Let us know when you are ready to show a demonstration of your new solutions! This can happen at any time during the one year Frontier partnership. Showcase your solution to Siemens PLM Software and our customers.

    Stage 5

    Go to Market


    Congratulations! You have made it all the way! Go to market with Siemens as your partner behind you! 

    Whenever you are ready to commercialize, we will negotiate a commercial license with you, or terms for a commercial launch. You can work with Siemens to leverage our channels, or you can go to market on your own; it is your choice. If at the end of the year you’re still not ready to launch, you may apply for an extension.